Company History

Established, April 1989 in Franklin, Kentucky, Franklin Precision Industry Inc. (FPI) is a manufacturer of automotive fuel system
components.  FPI derived its name in honor of the Franklin community and to acknowledge the fact that the company manufactures high quality, precision automotive components for distribution in North America and Asia.

Franklin Precision Industry Inc. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Aisan Industry, Co., LTD.  Established in 1938, the headquarters of Aisan is located in Obu City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.  Aisan is Japan’s largest carburetor manufacturer and, also supplies mechanical and internal combustion engine parts, which include throttle bodies, fuel injectors and, engine valves to major automobile manufacturers in Japan and to designated engine manufacturers in North America.

To guarantee the quality of their products, Aisan has installed one of the world’s most comprehensive quality control systems.  Additionally, the members of the research, engineering and improvement staffs are continually developing new processes and technology to support the production of current and future automotive components.  The technical knowledge and expertise developed by Aisan will be used to further advance the quality control systems and production processes at Franklin Precision Industry Inc.

Aisan’s relationship with Franklin Precision Industry Inc. provides the company with a strong, solid financial base from which growth in outstanding new products and, expanded employment will emerge.


Our Mission

Creating products and services with the focus on customers.

Achieving "Excellent Quality" with innovative thinking and technology.

Building a vital workplace with respect for individual employees.

"We contribute to the society through global growth and environmental preservation."

-Franklin Precision Industry